StablePeat™ is 100% organic premium mulch and soil amendment made from ingredients harvested from local horse stables. It’s peat like texture and rich dark color make it the perfect visual enhancement in any landscape design. With it’s high nutrient value and moisture retention it is perfect for all types of gardening, for use in planting beds, and around the base of trees and shrubs. During StablePeat’s™ unique manufacturing process, temperatures reach over 160 degrees for 12-14 days, destroying weeds and weed seeds as well as pathogens. This prevents contamination in gardens. StablePeat™ enriches the soil, and increases microbial activity for healthy plants. Relatively neutral in (pH 7-7.5), StablePeat™ helps balance your soil pH levels. StablePeat™ can be repeatedly used throughout the season without burning. Stable Peat™ is a product that professionals and homeowners have come to trust.




Landscape Mulching

Using mulch is a great way to accent your landscape design. StablePeat™ as mulch beautifies planting areas with rich dark color and a peat like texture. When spread to a depth of 2 to 3 inches StablePeat™ acts as a weed barrier, prevents soil compaction, helps maintain a balanced soil temperature, and helps soil retain moisture. StablePeat™ goes through a composting stages where temperatures reach over 160 degrees destroying weeds and weed seeds, preventing contamination of your garden. At the end of the season, StablePeat™ will be a rich, earthy humus which will incorporate in to he existing soil. There won’t be bleached out pieces of wood or bacteria or fungal growth that is commonly associated with mulch products on the market today.

Topdressing Existing Lawn
Topdressing is a proven practice often completed in conjunction with aeration and seeding in turf maintenance programs and renovation procedures. Topdressing adds organic soil amendments, which improves the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of soil. This enhances turf quality and vigor and improves its resistance to stress. A few days after mowing, spread StablePeat™ onto lawns ½” to ¾” depth by hand or with a broadcast spreader, and rake in gently. Avoid spreading on too thick as to smother existing grass. StablePeat™ increases the organic matter content in the soil, increases the water holding capacity of soil, reduces thatch, and can biologically control certain turf diseases.

New Lawn Installation
A 4 to 5 inch layer as well as any other amendments needed, should be thoroughly incorporated into the top 4 inches of existing soil using a roto-tiller or any other means preferred, smooth surface by raking, then seed.

Soil Amendment (Gardening, Vegetables, Flowers, Etc.)

StablePeat™ is safe to use on fruit, vegetable and flower gardens, because it is all- natural. Its near neutral pH value helps sweeten soil acidity, releasing nutrients to the roots of garden plants. It is free of chemical dyes, and waste wood products. A 4 to 5 inch layer will add in weed suppression, moisture retention and improves soil chemistry as well as tilth (texture). Till in the following year. For potting plants, use 50% StablePeat™, and 50% soil. This will increase soil aeration, and help to promote new root growth.

Soil Amendment (Shrubs, Trees and Plants)
StablePeat™ is recommended for use in planting trees, shrubs and plants. Prepare a hole twice the size of the root ball being planted. Prepare a mixture of 50% StablePeat™ and 50% soil from the dug hole place plant into hole and backfill with prepared mixture. Make sure to tamp in firmly to avoid air pockets, and water.

Peat Moss Replacement
StablePeat™ has the added benefits of its special formulation and nutritional value, and can substitute peat moss in any application.



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