Mulch/Ground Cover [top]
Name Description Price/Cu. Yard
Ultrakote™ (Three Colors) Gives your landscape an even longer lasting beauty in UltraKote Black, UltraKote Brown, and UltraKote Red 21.00
StablePeat 100% organic premium mulch and soil amendment, peat like texture- rich dark color 23.00
Premium Hemlock/Pine Blend Aromatic pine mulch 28.00
Natural Hardwood Mulch Basic green waste blend for mulching 20.00
Bark Fines Fine aged, hardwood screened bark 24.00
FIBAR™ & Woodcarpet™ Tested and approved playground safety surface material 31.00
Soil [top]
Name Description Price/Cu. Yard
Planting Soil
Best for growing vegetables & flowers. 26.00
Tree-n-Shrub Planting Soil Ready for planting! Excellent for planting shrubs and trees. 26.00
Premium Turf Start™ Biologically formulated for lawns; sandy & workable. 26.00
Compost/Soil Amendment [top]
Name Description Price/Cu. Yard
Ground Effects Garden Compost 100% organic, greenwaste based compost approved for all types of gardening 26.00
Till-In Soil Conditioner All-purpose 100% organic soil amendment used to break-up heavy soils 26.00
Bedding Materials [top]
Name Description Price/Cu. Yard
Fresh Sawdust Clean source of bedding material for all outdoor animals and mud control 22.00
Gravel/Sand/Loam [top]
Name Description Price/Cu. Yard
Loam Sandy topsoil product used for building planting berms or for building up soil levels in the landscape. 24.00
3/8" Round Pea sized round rock for drainage or pathway surface. 26.00
3/4" Round Drainage rock used for most applications in construction. 26.00
1 1/2" Round Large round rock used for drainage work, and also for decorative rock around ponds. 26.00

For Dump Delivery Service call (315) 689-1470 for a quote today!

For Dump Delivery or Blown Application service call (315) 689-1470 for a quote today!
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