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Terraseeding™ is a patented process that combines several cumbersome steps into one easy application of enriched soil and seed to grow a beautiful lawn. We will blow into place a final 1 to 2 inch layer of biologically formulated topsoil (Turf Start™) blended with seed to eliminate your task of hauling and wheelbarrowing soil, leveling and raking, seeding by hand, fertilizing and topdressing over the seed.


  • Seed is planted rather than exposed on the surface.

  • Germination is greatly increased because of the warmth and moisture surrounding the seed in the soil.

  • Turf Start™ is biologically designed with active microbes for establishing a healthy turf that aids in resisting disease.

  • The "blown-in" application levels the rough grade of subsoil with a smooth finished layer of well-draining soil.

  • Most lawns can be planted in 2 hours or less!



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